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The design and manufacturing of compression moulds and mechanic tools is a key development aspect for SEZ DK.  


Our toolshop with the output of 30 moulds per year is equipped for the production of moulds of injection weight up to 0.5 kg and progression pressing tools.  


The toolshop was established in 1959 simultaneuosly with the beginning of plastic moulding in SEZ DK a.s.  The design and production of compression moulds and mechanic tools is a key development aspect for SEZ DK. Our toolshop with the output of 30 moulds per year is equipped for the production of progression pressing tools and injection moulds for thermoplastic, thermoset and rubber moulding, either with or without using the standardized components, with tunnel, sub-marine and hot sprues, up to 0.5 kg weight of mouldings.  


Besides injection moulds, our toolshop produces tools made of quality high-speed steels and hard metals for area-forming: shearing, bending and punching tools; simple, progression and compound tools for all types of presses; as well as drilling, screwing, clamping, mounting, welding and backing-out jigs.


Data Import

The compatibility of technologies used for the 3D design, product development, tools construction and the CNC machining programmes creation ensures the speed and quality of new tools manufacturing.


Native formats are used for the CAD data import:

  • Pro/Engineer 2000i2
  • Catia V5
  • SolidWorks
  • Rhinoceros
  • or, possibly, the data exchange formats, such as IGES and STEP. 

The technologies used enable us to create product models even on the basis of drawing documentation.


Tool design

SEZ DK uses efficient systems Catia, Pro/Engineer and Solid Works for tool designs.

We operate

  • three product-modelling workstations
  • four tool-design workstations
  • two CAM programming workstations.

The CADMould Fill application is used in the development of injection moulds for the mould cavities filling simulation which enables us to eliminate cold joints, optimize the mould design and the inflow system and thereby significantly reduce the time needed for the development of moulds.



   The full use of digital CNC and DNC production technologies is key to a reliable and easily repeatable production management of the highly accurate parts of pressing tools. Their full utilization provides for a more effective production optimizing the cutting conditions and the machining process.

SEZ DK uses

  • Pro/Manufacturing
  • SolidWorks



Besides our ample conventional technology equipment, we also use the following for tools manufacturing:

Electro-erosion cutting machines

  • Robofil 2020 (320x220x120)
  • Robofil 290 P (400x250x200)
  • Agie 315 (300x150x120)

Electro-erosion sinkers

  • AGIE Compact III (500x350x500)
  • Roboform 30 (350x250x300) cRoboform 20 (300x250x250)

Progression cutting operation technologies

  • machining centre Deckel Maho DMU 60T (630x560x560)
  • CNC graphite milling machine FVP4 (400x200x200)
  • CNC milling machine INTOS FNG 40 with accelerator heads


Quality and testing

   Our toolshop has provably been manufacturing tools for electrotechnical industry for over 40 years, and tools for external partners, such as Sony, Braun, Key Plastics, Vidox, and Krížik GBI, for over 5 years.


   Progressive technological procedures are used in the manufacturing process which is supervised by the Testing and Measuring Department. The Department operates a 3D digital measuring bench Global Status 3D with a direct outlet to the electro-erosion manufacturing technologies.


   The modern technologies supported by manifold experience in the manufacture of technologically demanding EIM production guarantee optimum solutions for tools in terms of time and design.



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