Slovenská republika

SEZ DK a.s.
M.R. Štefánika 1831/46
026 19 Dolný Kubín


tel.: +421 43 5809 226


SEZ-POLSKA Sp. z o.o.
ul. Zakładowa 2
42-480 Poręba


tel.: +48 32 672 49 96

SEZ DK a.s.

SEZ DK a.s. represents 60 years of history and tradition in electrotechnical industry.

We develop, manufacture and sell:

  • industrial sockets and plugs, distribution boards
  • screwless industrial sockets and plugs 32A and 16A
  • distribution assemblies and cable reels
  • house switches and sockets
  • table and data sockets
  • wooden switches and sockets
  • terminal clamps, accessory equipment, device terminal boards
  • electrical installation material - boxes, distribution boxes, lids, cable glands, clips, caps, screws
  • terminal components for copper conductor pressing and connection
  • terminal switches - plastic (IP 65), metal (IP 66), metal and plastic pre-wired
  • ceramic lamholders and lamps 
  • wall- and flush mounted distributors
  • installation pipes

We seek to establish a leading position in electrical installation material design, production and sales in Central and Eastern Europe. We promote the SEZ DK trade mark in the production of plastic mouldings up to 0.5 kg of weight and assembly sets for electrotechnical and automotive industry.


SEZ DK a.s. announces the production of wooden switches and sockets type LXD, LXDA, FLAT will be stopped

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