SEZ DK a.s.
M.R. Štefánika 1831/46
026 19 Dolný Kubín
Slovak Republic

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There are two electroplating lines for metal parts surfacing. In one, metal plating is applied to free parts by the means of:

  • brass and steel parts degreasing
  • pickling in hydrochloric acid
  • passivation
  • dipping in acid mixture
  • spraying the aluminium casts with baking paints
  • rack and barrel zinc-plating
  • barrel tin-plating
  • barrel nickel-plating
  • silver-plating

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In the other, continual nickel- and tin-plating is carried out by three new automatic electroplating machines of our own construction, where the reel to reel terminal plating is applied. We run our own neutralization station which processes dangerous waste water from the electroplating workshop. The consistent chemical testing of purified water ensures its harmlessness for the recipient Orava river.


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